As we all know, people are using their mobile devices for on-line search more than ever before, and mobile searches will pass desktop searches very soon. Google has even separate mobile and desktop search results, and also distinguishes mobile results between AMP compliant and noncompliant. That is why every website owner should optimize his website to be found on the mobile SERP, here are five tips to improve your mobile rankings:

  1. Optimize images: Google wants to allow content to be rendered as fast as possible on mobile, and if your images weigh a lot, they will load slowly, making the web load slowly, and that is a bad sign for mobile rankings. You should compress the images on your website.
  2. Be Mobile Friendly: If your website isn’t mobile friendly, more likely than not, it wouldn’t rank high on the mobile SERP and would be affected by the desktop search as well.
  3. Be AMP compatible: Google gives priority in ranking to websites that are AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) compatible. AMP is simply a lightweight HTML page, and way to render your content faster to the mobile user.
  4. Have you Google My business listing optimized: Google is connecting between mobile search and local search, and that is the reason that if you are a local business, you must have a GMB listing, and it has to be updated.
  5. Ask Google what they think: Use the Google Search Console to send the Googlebot to search and render your website, to identify and fix any errors you might have.

All the above might be a lot for a website owner that has no background in this field. That is why you should consider turning to a Columbus MS SEO expert, to help you with these issues.